Uptown Games

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eCommerce website for Uptown Games with integrated WordPress blog
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Uptown Games is a supplier of hardware and software for a wide range of game consoles. Uptown games pride themselves on providing the latest releases on all platforms at great prices, matched with impressive customer service.

Uptown games approached us for a new website to enable them to sell their products online.

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Custom Pre-order System

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A custom pre-order system was added to enable customers to pre-order titles. The “add to cart” button changes to “pre-order” for pre-order games and the admin has the option to add a release date or additional information. Pre-order products also have the option of linking to custom pages instead of going straight to the shopping cart.

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Pages for Pre-order games

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Pre-order page templates were built to show more about the specific pre-order game, these pages include video trailers, custom backgrounds, game information and the ability to pre-order the game on the available formats.

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WordPress Blog

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A wordpress blog was added and linked to the store. This allows related products to be shown on the same page as the blog article, resulting in saving customers time when they are looking for the products the blog articles are referring to.