St John’s C of E School

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Responsive website for St. John's C of E Primary School
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St John’s primary school wanted a redesigned website that would allow them to manage the content themselves and also be fully responsive to work on all devices. They wanted the home page of the website to have an illustration of the school with children, but also be functional for parents who would be the end users.

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Calendar Integration

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A calendar was added to the website which would be managed by staff to add events throughout the year. The calendar is fully searchable with a range of different views for the end user.

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Google Images

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The staff at St John’s wanted a simple way to manage image galleries of various events throughout the year. We added a Google Drive option to allow them to upload their images into folders within Google Drive leaving the website to take care of organising and displaying them.

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Document Archive

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A simple document system was created to allow staff to add PDFs and Word files, and allow the staff to tag the files easily to appear in the relevant sections around the website that contain documents.

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Custom Illustrations

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The brief required the home page to consist of the school building with children holding signs in school uniform. The school building was illustrated as a focus for the home page along with several animated characters in the St. John’s school uniform.

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